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I believe that career happiness is out there for everyone, and so is career success, robust compensation, and a work-life balance. I also believe that career happiness doesn't have to be mutually exclusive from any of those other factors. And that's why I founded Monday I'm In Love - to help you find that dream job where you won't have the Sunday scaries, and you wake up on a Monday feeling happy, motivated, and engaged. 

With a Bachelor of Commerce in Human Resources Management from Ryerson University, and over 10 years of experience in HR and Recruitment, I have first-hand experience working with hiring managers, applicant tracking systems (ATS), and as a recruiter for various roles across multiple industries. I also have experience as a Freelance Resume Writer, and have helped dozens of clients enhance their cover letters, resumes, and LinkedIn profiles to achieve their career goals.

I've worked with clients at all levels from entry-level, to mid-career, to C-level executives in the following industries to create new and improved professional documents for them:

Human Resources




Administrative Services



Project Management

Information Technology


Graphic Design

Financial Services

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